Sunday, September 30, 2007

Hawaii was a Bust!!!

So our trip to Hawaii never happened. Total Bummer!! We were going to Hawaii on these buddy passes that my brother got for all of us to use and the guy that got them for us was supposed to be setting up the flights. We had planned to leave on friday the 7th of September and didn't get out and we waited around all weekend and the guy couldn't get us flights out so we gave up on going by Sunday. My brothers ended up getting out on tuesday but got stuck in Vegas one night and finally made it out with only a few days left of the vacation and then they got stuck out there a couple days longer than planned. So I am glad we didn't go and get stuck out there. So I was really bummed about not being able to go to Hawaii so I came home on the buddy pass to spend time with my family. It was a good time and it was nice for Arlie to spend time with grandparents and family. Well I was supposed to get out on the buddy pass. I had my flight confirmed and I went to the airport and they pulled up my flight info and it said that the ticket wasn't paid for. So I called the guy and he said to pay for it and that I would get reimbursed. So I paid for it. And then I was supposed to leave last monday to come back but I think they were avoiding me and they never got me a flight scheduled so my dad paid for me to come back yesterday. They have been completely avoiding me about getting my reimbursement too so I guess I will take this as a lesson learned. I am never going to do that again. The flight out there was Miserable!!! Traveling with Arlie at this age is crazy! She rode on my lap and was so wiggly and squirmy. And she would scream this blood curdling scream and I felt bad for everyone around me. I was exhausted by the time we finally got there. But luckily thanks to Melatonin and my dad buying a seat for Arlie, we had a great trip back. She pretty much slept the whole way. It was great!


The Barlow Family said...

Glad you got back okay. What is mealtonin?