Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Arlie & my new background

Here are some recent pictures of Arlie that I took last week.  I just wanted to try out my new backgrounds and it's been a while since I did a photoshoot with her so it was a lot of fun. 


Chy said...

could she be any more beautiful?!?!

Jamie said...

So beautiful! I love the background, but Arlie really makes the shot. She's gorgeous!

MixersNutrition said...

Thanks for dropping us a line. You do great work with your photography. We love the lighting. Hope you get some value from the blog. If we are ever in Maryland, we will drop you a line.

Beckie said...

Too cute - as always!

Kate Larsen said...

Hey Tiff-- I need help with some photo stuff. I am having Amber Vest (terri French's daughter) take our pics tomorrow. (yep, I'm waiting till the last minute to ask you this.) And I really want to have fun with the pics. I am dressing way up (heels, dress, lots of makeup and jewelry, etc.) and the boys are going to be barefoot and wear untucked white shirts with loose ties and jeans. I want to embrace being the only girl and I want the pics to be kind of edgy and non-traditional. Can you suggest any photo sites that i might look through to get some examples that Amber can try and copy? have you ever done a shoot like this? I am just trying to get some ideas going. I'm thinking next time you're here, I want to have you do them and get really creative. Basically, one pic of all of us smiling and sittign nicley together is fine, but i want to tell more of a story.... Let me know if I make any sense to you. :) Thanks. Love ya. --Kate