Friday, June 19, 2009

Trying to catch up

Wow it has been a really busy month so far and I haven't had any time to post about it. My mom and brother Travis came out and we had a really great time. It was so much fun spending time with them. We went to the National Zoo,

toured around DC,

went to the Temple,

went to Six Flags,

and celebrated Arlie's 3rd birthday.

I can't believe she is already three. First I will start this post out with a few pictures of my growing girl.
She was born June 8th, 2006. This picture was the day we left the hospital.

Here she is at 1 years old.

On her 2nd birthday:

And this year on her 3rd birthday:

THe past three years have gone by fast and I can't believe I am now a mother of two. Arlie has been such a joy to have in our family. She is so funny and sweet. And I love the new things she comes up with everyday.
Thank you to my mom, Travis, and Alyssa for being here and celebrating my beautiful girls big day. Also thanks to Alyssa for making the yummy bday cake.

We also decided to plan a last minute party with a couple of friends. We got the slip and slide out and made princess crowns. THe kids had fun but it was a crazy party. I did a retarded thing and decided to show the kids how to use the slip and slide with my clothes on.
THis is what happened to me.

I told the kids to stand and watch and my neighbor kid came out of nowhere and I think I got a knee to the nose. IT doesn't look that bad in the picture but it was gushing blood and bled for a few hours. 2 weeks later and my nose is still tender. Also we had a glass plate fall off the island and shatter into a million pieces. It was like an explosion. So needless to say it was an eventful party. Good thing it was a small one. I took a lot of pictures while my family was here but I am just going to post a few of my favorites. Of course I had to get some nice pictures of my mom and my brother while they were here.

And here are a few fun ones from the zoo. A butterfly landed on Arlie at the Elephant exhibit and it drew just as much of a crowd as the elephants did. It really liked her and kept hoping from her hand to her shirt to her shoulder to her eye and then back on her hand until she finally blew it off. It was very pretty.

Sweet baby Deacon and Travis hangin out.

And this last one is of Deacon looking through the glass at the monkeys. They were his favorite.


The Johnson Family said...

What awesome posts!!! The whole family looks great! I am glad Trav and your mom could make it for Arlie's birthday- so much fun!

Kate Larsen said...

Fun pictures, Tiff. :) Your kids are so cute.

Chy said...

OUCH! You always did know how to party!!(all I can say is poppers on the back porch and your brother FREAKING us out!) As ALWAYS love the pictures. Are you going to be here for the 4th? I really would love to hang out and catch up.

Chapman Family said...

Do you have more pics of the temple? Do you want to be published? I have a friend creating a Temple photo book and is looking for pictures... just let me know.