Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fun New Stuff

So I got some new backgrounds for my studio that I am totally in love with. And I also got a neat wood floor from lowes to put in my studio as well. I am totally loving the look that it is giving me. I just had to post. I know the pic of Arlie with the wood floor is not the best pic of her. She really didn't want her picture taken. Just look at the floor and the background.
Also in other news- Deacon is getting 4 more teeth!!! All on top. Crazy! And Josh is leaving this week for another deployment and won't be home till 4th of July. Bummer. We will miss him.


Chapman Family said...

What ev... that is a cute picture. And you are just making me jealous! We just got our family pics taken here and who knows how they will turn out. :) Keep on going on!

Chy said...


SheL said...

Love the new stuff!

mheaps said...

you rock tiff!I love them!

Mike, Missy & Lyric said...

Don't know if your remember me from church. But I just love your photos. You are so talented! I've been really wanting to get into photography and was wondering if I could chat with you sometime. I'm curious if you took classes, just started taking pictures, etc. Maybe we could get together and let the kids play and I could ask you some questions if you don't mind. Thanks!