Sunday, May 3, 2009

My Finished project

So I decided to make a tutu for Arlie and well for me too for my business. I just finished it this morning and Arlie was begging me to take her picture in it. So here is the finished project. I will have to take some more pictures so you can see more of the tutu. I looked it up on youtube on how to make it. Pretty simple and self explanitory. I have some material to make a top too but I haven't got that done yet.
Needless to say I am no longer spending $35.00 on a tutu for some boutique when I can make it myself for $5.00. Yay for me for saving money. Also I just bought that chair. Totally love it! Home Goods rocks!
Here is just another picture of Arlie that I thought was just precious. Had to post it.


Beckie said...

You are super tricky and talented-- I attempt crafty projects-- and they usually end up -- tucked under some bed-- cuz they don't go well! Arlie is too adorable!

Jess,Von, and Samantha Higgs said...

Oh man you take cute pictures! I love the tutu! I might have to attempt one myself if it is not too difficult!